All started when I decided to buy a .dev domain to replace this site which in the moment I was writing this post was on

I usually use AWS Route53 to buy new domains but unfortunately there is no option to buy .dev domains.

I checked which options I had and I found that Google Domains was the cheapest option having a 12€ per year price over the 15€ that gives Godaddy.

Step by step setup

Since I had all the infra on AWS I decided to handle also there this domain, to do so I followed these steps:

  1. Enter to AWS Route53 console
  2. Create a new hosted zone with the Google Domains registered domain, in my case:
  3. Enter to Google Domains and choose DNS in the left panel
  4. Click to Export resources records and select BIND format
  5. Go back to Route53 and select Import zone file in the hosted zone, copy and paste the content of the BIND file
  6. Lower TTL on the NS records in Google Domains and Route53 to avoid downtimes if some configuration it’s wrong. Usually it’s 172800 seconds which means 2 days.
  7. Get the Name servers from Route53 in the hosted zone details
  8. Update Google Domains setup in DNS > Name servers with Route53 name servers, you’ll need to select User custom name servers
  9. After some days if you don’t see any problem with the traffic restore the NS TTL value on Route53 back to 2 days