Now in iCloud+ you can set up your own domain to be used in iCloud Mail. Here are the steps to properly setup this in AWS Route53.

  1. Got to
  2. Find Custom Email Domain section and click to Manage
  3. Click to Add my own domain
  4. Step 1: Add your domain in the input. i.e.
  5. Step 2: Add your existing email addresses if you have some or click to Skip if you don’t
  6. Step 3: Click to View. Here you’ll get all the domain records that we need to add to AWS Route53 or your domain register
  7. Go to AWS Route53 in your AWS Console
  8. Go to the hosted zone of the domain you want to configure
  9. Add the following records:
  10. MX record with the following values:
  1. TXT record with the following values changing the SECRET value for what iCloud gave to you:
  1. CNAME record with host sig1._domainkey and value what iCloud gave to you