Some months ago I got a Keychron K1 V4 of 108 keys, I’ll explain my experience so far.

I started looking at mechanical keyboards because I’ve been using the MacBook Pro keyboard until now and I started having some pain in my hands. I thought that having a keyboard with more key travel and more space that would get better, and I wasn’t wrong.

After doing an investigation I ended up having a bunch of keyboards on the radar:

Why did I chose Keychron K1?

I first though on getting the Moonlander but I felt that it was a bit pricey and would have implied a huge change since it’s a split keyboard with orthogonal keys.

Keychron K1 costed me 82€ and it had 108 keys which for my use case seems the best option. Also the design it’s super cool, I really like it. And also comes with Windows and Mac OS keys so you can easily adapt to your OS just changing the key caps and using a switch at the bottom.


I really like this key board. I’d definitely buy it again but probably I’d choose the 87-key version because the 108-key one it’s very big so I ended up having the mouse far away.

Another thing is the battery life. Even though the keyboard works super well through bluetooth connection it consumes a lot of battery so I’m just using it wired so I don’t have to remember charging them.


  • Weight
  • Mac OS full keymap
  • Low profile keys
  • Cool light setups
  • Easy to setup
  • Cool USB cable
  • Full keyboard 108 keys!
  • Multiple bluetooth configurations


  • Quality feeling it’s not that hight
  • Dvorak and Spanish keymaps are not available
  • Hard to find stock
  • Battery duration
  • It’s big